First ABS Intervention Workshop

First Antibiotic Stewardship Implementation Workshop Complete!

Ensuring robust strategies are in place is key to facilitating the transition of theory into clinical practice in a cohesive and sustainable manner. 

A key component to successful implementation is the early involvement and active engagement of practice partners and end users. 


To this end, representatives of all 24 hospitals participating in the REVERSE project are invited to attend a series of workshops on Infection Prevention Control (IPC) and Antibiotic Stewardship (ABS).


Following the completion of all four IPC workshops, work packages 4 and 5 have kicked off 2024 with the first of the ABS workshops, designed to equip each cohort to start their ABS programmes. 

From 4 to 5 April 2024, representatives from six hospitals in cohort one gathered in Zurich, Switzerland to discuss technical aspects of ABS, explore interactive case studies, and develop their implementation strategy.

With presentations from doctors Elena Carrara, Pilar Retamar, Lauren Clack, and Bianca Albers, it was an educational and engaging experience all round.

Topics for discussion included:

  • An introduction to implementation science
  • ABS with REVERSE
  • Choosing ward champions
  • What are appropriate antibiotic prescriptions?
  • Engaging and managing stakeholders
  • Goal setting
  • Selecting appropriate ABS implementation strategies 
  • Identifying barriers and facilitators
  • Data management and monitoring implementation strategies


Coming Up:

Cohort two will be attending their ABS Implementation Workshop from 27 to 28 June.




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