REVERSE Webinar: Prevention and Management Tools for Reducing Antibiotic Resistance in High Prevalence Settings


Emerging antibiotic resistance has become a serious problem not only in Europe but globally. Rather than in separate studies, the goal of reducing antibiotic resistance can only be achieved in a collaborative approach where various activities interact together in a large clinical trial that is sufficiently powered to provide actionable outcomes.

The EU-funded project REVERSE (pREVention and management tools for rEducing antibiotic Resistance in high prevalence SEttings) kicked-off in July 2021, with a consortium of 12 partners from 8 countries, and will run for five years. REVERSE will use a mixed-methods approach combining quantitative research with implementation science and economic analysis to develop and implement cost-effective strategies and tools for the prevention and clinical management of healtcare-associated infections and to reduce the burden of antimicrobial resistance in high prevalence settings.

This webinar provided information on the relevance to reverse antimicrobial resistance, first success stories and information on the foreseen work in REVERSE.

The speakers were:
Prof. Dr. Marc Struelens, Emeritus Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)
Prof. Dr. Yehuda Carmeli, Head of Division of Epidemiology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Israel)
PD Dr. Walter Zingg, Head of IPC Programme and REVERSE coordinator, University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland)


Screenshot from the REVERSE Webinar

You can access the recording of the webinar here.

Attachments: Flyer Deliverable on the REVERSE Webinar




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