Third Annual Project Meeting

A Successful Annual Project Meeting in Barcelona. 

The third annual project meeting for REVERSE saw members of the consortium reconnecting in Barcelona, Spain.

With representation from all corners of the project, the updates were exciting, the conversations fruitful, and the future looks bright! 


A lot has been happening since the last annual project meeting! 

REVERSE science was on display at ESCMID Global and SEIMC, work package four lead, Professor Evelina Tacconelli I was awarded the ESCMID Lifetime Achievement Award, Professor Walter Zingg was featured on science-stories, and many key members of the team have presented their work at top-level conferences, congresses, meetings, workshops, and webinars. 


The meeting was opened by Professor Walter Zingg and Dr. Ash Sonpar who presented a project overview and progress report so far – including where we are now two years after clinical kick off. 


Key Updates 

  • All IPC implementation workshops and the first ABS implementation workshop are complete.
  • IPC site visits (with WP5) are ongoing and IPC interventions have started with all four cohorts. 
  • Sampling, transportation and culturing are all running smoothly. 
  • Auditing questionaiires have been sent out.
  • Poster presentations at ESCMID Global and SEIMC 2024 
  • At ESCMID Global, work package lead, Professor Evelina Tacconelli was awarded the Lifetime Achieviement Award for her contriibutions to the field. 
  • Several RMT tenders finalized 
  • All IPC calls and follow-ups now complete 
  • Drafted PROSPERO protocol​
  • Identifying barriers, constructing solutions, clarifying processes
  • Interviews with study nurses and collation of local cost data 
  • Modelling protocol for hospital cost-effectiveness drafted 
  • LMIC healthcare interviews and discrete choice experiment (DCE) prelim work
  • The first Periodic Report was succcessfully submitted.
  • New Communications Officer in post 


Coming Up

  • The results of the auditing tools will be discussed with the 24 REVERSE hospitals enabling the implementation of MDS tools.
  • Finalisation of the Online Serious Game 
  • A manuscript on environmental hygience guidelines for MDRO
  • Showcasing more REVERSE science at ICPIC 2025
  • ABS calls in progress – survey’s expected to begin Summer 2024
  • Completion of the IPC survey’s 
  • Finalizing site visits (and celebrating that in June) ​
  • Publishing WP5 study protocol​
  • Commencing ABS context analysis and progressing deeper analysis of all qualitative data in general
  • Publish PROSPERO protocol​
  • Complete review, write up results, and publish in peer-reviewed journal 
  • Budget impact analysis to assess affordability in different settings, including LMICs​
  • Statistical modelling of trial data 
  • Finalization of DCE, protocol, and pre-testing
  • Second reporting period finishes 30 June – compiling and submitting the report
  • Enhanced omnichannel communications strategy 
  • Potential for a REVERSE Workshop pre-ICPIC 2025. 


Overall, the past year was both extremely busy and successful!

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Together, we can reduce the burden of antimicrobial resistance in high-prevalence healthcare settings.




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