ABS Implementation Workshops Now Halfway Complete


On 27 & 28 June, it was the turn of representatives from cohort two hospitals to join the workshop in Zurich to discuss technical aspects of ABS, explore interactive clinical case studies, and develop their implementation strategies.


Antimicrobial resistance is spreading rapidly and globally.

To combat this public health threat, antibiotic stewardship is key. But to be successful we must change:

  • Knowledge
  • Cultural norms
  • Emotionally influenced behaviours
  • Deeply ingrained attitudes


"Arguably, the aim of all the interventions in ABS programmes is to change behaviour of healthcare professionals to conserve the efficacy of antimicrobial agents while decreasing avoidable harm, including the emergence of transmission of resistance" Charani et al., 2014. 

In a mixture of lectures and hands-on group work, Drs. Lauren Clack, Bianca Albers, Laura Caci, Kathrin Blum, Elena Carrara, and Pilar Retamar explored topics including:

  • Implementation science – the How and the What
  • Forming implementation teams
  • ABS within REVERSE
  • What constitues an appropriate antibiotic prescription
  • Engaging hospital stakeholders
  • Goal setting, idendtifying barriers and facilitators
  • Selecting and adapting context-specific implementation strategies
  • Monitoring these implementation stratagies
  • ABS clinical case studies and real-life examples

Key Take-Home Messages:

  1. Build a strong and focused team, including both leaders and champions
  2. Engage all hospital stakeholders and departments heads
  3. Comprehensively plan your interventions according to your resources
  4. Measure your work, monitor your results, and continuously seek feedback.

Coming Up:

Cohort three will attend their ABS Implementation Workshop from 16 to 17 September 2024.





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