Work Package 5: Implementation


Work package 5 has the following objectives:

1. Understand contextual barriers and facilitators for the implementation of antibiotic stewardship, microbiology and diagnostic stewardship and infection prevention and control measures in acute care hospitals in regions with high antimicrobial resistance prevalence.

2. Develop generalisable knowledge about the determinants influencing implementation of infection prevention and control, antibiotic stewardship and microbiology and diagnostic stewardship practices in a diverse group of European hospitals.

3. Design and evaluate a tailored implementation strategy as compared with a standard implementation strategy as part of a type 2 hybrid implementation-effectiveness trial.

4. Produce tools for implementing antibiotic stewardship and infection prevention and control, taking into account organisational culture, national strategies, and the hospital networks along their referral pathways.

5. Engage regional and national stakeholders in healthcare and politics to engage in antibiotic stewardship and infection prevention and control.


Leading Partner

University of Zurich


Other Partners Involved

University of Geneva



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