Work Package 7: Consortium Management and Communication


Work package 7 has the following objectives:

1. Monitor the progress of the research in REVERSE towards the overall objectives, key milestones and deliverables and coordinate the activities across the work packages.

2. Monitor compliance to all technical and financial external reporting to the European Commission, following the European Commission Grant Agreement.

3. Maintain the REVERSE Consortium Agreement.

4. Coordinate the development and maintenance of the Plan for the Dissemination and Exploitation of Results and associated management of data, ethics and knowledge.

5. Promote the dissemination of the results of REVERSE through coordinating the communication activities.


Leading Partner

University of Zurich


Other Partners Involved

All, in particular University Medical Centre Utrecht

Relevant Deliverables
  • Deliverable D7.4 - Kick-off Meeting

    Publication date: 29 September 2021

    Authors: Serno S.

    Title: Kick-off Meeting

    Abstract: Agenda items and attendees list for the REVERSE Kick-off Meeting that took place on Friday, 17 September 2021.

    File(s): Download D7.4

  • Deliverable D7.7 - REVERSE Website

    Publication date: 16 December 2021

    Authors: Serno S.

    Title: REVERSE Website

    Abstract: This deliverable presents the website of the EU-funded project REVERSE ( and the contents of the public and member domains of the website.

    File(s): Download D7.7

  • Deliverable D7.9 - REVERSE Webinar

    Publication date: 29 November 2021

    Authors: Serno S.

    Title: REVERSE Webinar

    Abstract: This deliverable deals with a first REVERSE Webinar that ran online on 25 November 2021. During the webinar, three speakers presented on the background, relevance and project plan of REVERSE, followed by a question and answer session. 83 participants from 25 countries in four continents participated in the webinar, mostly from scientific community but also from industry and policy makers.

    File(s): Download D7.9



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